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Signs of Life and a Slow Thaw

As a follow up from last week’s post, I am very happy to announce that my first appearance on the Wall Spin blog went up today.  I was offered the amazing opportunity to guest blog, and my posts will be up from time to time.  The chance to step beyond my own blog is a […]

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Scenes From Winter and Into February

We are still in the depths of winter here in Boston, and to add insult to injury, we had another 10″ inches of snow followed up by freezing rain.  Miss G and I were walking back from the studio last night, and she commented on how the landscape is starting to look surreal. We have […]

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Full Steam Ahead

As I silently slipped into my 43rd year this week,  I rewound in my mind all that is happened in the past year.  Yes, I did this briefly on January 1st as well, but this is always a little different. If I were to summarize all of my years, I can firmly say that the […]

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Moving Ahead and Rebirth

I post the above photo especially for my good friends Manon Doyle and Douglas Hoover. There is nothing better than a fresh shipment of supplies.  I like the purity of new canvases, and having them on the walls helps me visualize and formulate goals. The week was spent finishing up the second canvas of the […]

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Week 2 – Blizzard 2

Winter storms in New England are nothing new, but the storm that we just had today is one of the biggest snowfalls that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  The lovely Miss G posted some beautiful photos in her post today, so please take a look after you finish here. What did I do?  Well, […]

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Week 1, 2011 – Off To A Great Start!

If I could request something from the universe, I would ask it to make the rest of the  year exactly like the very first week of the year.  So many good things have happened in a very short period of time, and we are barely out of the gate. Most of the week was spent […]

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On a Strong Note and Into the New Year!

No, not my finest video moment, but it’s from the heart! As I sit down to write this, my head is swimming with the year that has just passed by.  I took an hour the other night to go back through all of my blog posts from this year, and it amazes me all that […]

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Mingo Gallery Opening – December 17, 2010

After much patience and anticipation, I am very happy to report that last night’s opening at the Mingo Gallery, was by far, the most successful event of the year.  At times, there were almost 200 people in the room, and the energy and enthusiasm were magic. The show will be up until February 5, so you […]

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